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9/18/13 by SkyeWintrest

So I've been moderating a couple IRC channels recently, and I thought that I should write this because people REALLY don't understand how moderation actually works, or what it's like to be a moderator (one that actually does their job, that is).

First of all, it's important to understand that being a moderator is a job. It isn't a privilege. While there are privileges associated with it, such as the ability to kick, ban, and have greater influence in administration decisions, these privileges are not the job itself and are simply there to help with the job. This is an important distinction - in a job there are responsibilities that *must* be fulfilled. There is one specifically for moderation: Enforcing the rules.

When a person breaks the rules, the moderator is obligated to give warnings and then punishment - this is the entire point of being a moderator. It's not that they necessarily dislike you, it's not that they're racist, it's not that they're sexist, it's that what they can see indicates that you broke the rules. Moderators are human, and they are only capable of acting on what they SEE. If they don't see a problem, they can't fix it - and if they see a problem which needs more information to be complete, they might not take action you see as appropriate. The best way to fix this issue is by telling the moderator the truth, backing it up as much as possible (screenshots and log files help), and just being decent to them. They're human. They make mistakes.

Speaking of making mistakes, moderators have it good and bad - other moderators and staff typically understand their mistakes and are more forgiving if they accidentally step over the line. Other users, however, do not - I've seen this quite a bit. When a moderator makes a mistake, often a large amount of normal users will POUNCE on this and use it as 'evidence' that the moderator doesn't deserve to be a mod as they break rules. While the moderators do need to keep their actions as close within the rules as possible, they do still make mistakes, as has been stated before. It is not reason for calling them a poor moderator.

Finally, just respect the moderators. Love them, even. They keep the place clean of trolls and spammers, despite possibly annoying you when you get out of line. Remember that they have to deal with all the trolls, complaints, and administration duties. They do a lot of work to try to keep you happy, and complaining about everything isn't helping them any. Even if you're punished, be respectful - and you're more likely to get the punishment lifted.


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Mods are cool, unless they're d-bags. It's the few d-bags that ruin it for everyone, including the other mods, who get the flack.

9/20/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Yep, that's basically it. Though I have noticed - people will say you're doing a shitty job as a mod just because you actually moderate. Nobody likes being punished, even if they're explicitly going against the rules and know it.



All things in moderation, including moderation.

: I agree though, moderators are second to umpires in the ratio of importance to appreciativeness.

9/18/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

I really dislike the "you sux bcuz mod" attitude some people show. I don't care whether it's me or another moderator. :v Unless they're actually doing something hypocritical and against the rules deliberately, such as allowing friends to break the rules freely and not others or banning people for reasons like "I dislike you", then... they should be respected. Even then, the answer isn't to give them good reason for the ban by whining and flaming them, but talking to the other mods and showing the evidence of the problem.