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NGADM and news.

7/20/13 by SkyeWintrest
Updated 7/22/13

So, I'm in the NGADMand up against a good friend of mine - SoundChris. BALLS. Fortunately, I have a good idea or two in my head, and I plan on getting them done right.

Now, as for these projects and stuff that I mentioned...

1. I made a soundtrack for a game which should be coming out soon. I've helped with a few other things as well, and hopefully it'll get sponsership and I'll get some cash from it. :D When it's out, I will post a link so everybody better check it out.

2. As you probably noticed, my icon changed. Reason being, I am now part of Versil Studios, a group founded by Samulis. You can check us out here:

3. Here's the big one. I have something planned to start next year. It's called "Music In Simple", it'll be a website, and it'll be all about how to make music... with music tutorials written cleanly and simply. I've noticed that music tutorials are almost always (a) hard to find, (b) hard to understand, or (c) not very useful. I want to rectify that, by creating an organized group of simple tutorials that are easily accessible by anybody. I will likely end up needing an artist (or two), and some people to write tutorials for various different DAWs, for various topics (music theory and sound synthesis), and *maybe* some programming help. This one will be a biggie, and I hope to get it to grow so that more people will be able to learn how to music REALLY good.

So. There's all my big news. c: Hopefully people are excited about one, two, or all three of them! (also hopefully I'll do well in the NGADM)

Now to get to work! >:D


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Reminds me of andre rieu trying to perform arnold schoenberg or alban berg, but this guy may be more talented @ playing violin :D



But what if I want to learn to play music like Grozart?

7/22/13 SkyeWintrest responds:




This will be epic my friend :D

7/20/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Why yes it will! Good luck, my friend. :D I won't go easy on you. ;)