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So. Close.

6/23/13 by SkyeWintrest

Well, I promised myself that I wouldn't do this until I got to 95 fans and I have.

I am SO close to reaching triple digits it's crazy. You guys are all awesome. :D If you know anyone else, it'd be great if you could get them to convert. If I manage to get to 100 fans, then I *might* release a few details on a couple awesome projects I'm working on, one with other people and another which is huge... and on a more immediate note (heh heh, I did a funny) I'll definitely be inspired to win the NGADM! (well, hopefully)

Thanks to everyone, here's hoping I'll be saying hello again in triple digits!


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Argh, seems like you beat me, guess I should try and remember to actually post something before thinking of competing with you next time. :v

In any case, grats mate, totally deserve it!

6/24/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Hooray! :D

At least this means that I can reveal that project I told you about which we argued about the name about and stuff. I think everybody will like it in the end.

100 ^__^ Congratulations, you.

6/23/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

And thanks, you. :P

SUCCESS! I shall spill juicy information tonight or tomorrow or on my next news post which will be at the conclusion of the NGMT. :D



I will spam all the people to add you. :P

6/23/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Oh yus pleez. c:

99. Excitement mounts. Information is ready to spill.



Make that 98. :)

6/23/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Oh my goodness yes you people are amazing



And I make 97 :).

6/23/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Hooray! :D




6/23/13 SkyeWintrest responds: