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5/16/13 by SkyeWintrest

The NewGrounds Music Triathalon (NGMT) has started!

This is the first contest I've organized - it has cash prizes, awesome artwork, and three rounds which anyone can participate in.

It features a community-based judging system, unique themes, and limitations to push anyone's creativity to the limit.

If you'd like to join (and please do), the thread is right here: Please do tell me any thoughts you happen to have on it.


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Seems intriguing enough to me.

"Yeah... Cash prizes"
--Conker the Squirrel

Putting that aside of course. :P

5/17/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Cash prizes make everything better



Just joining another contest... but never win...

5/17/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Aw, c'mon. You have SIX CHANCES to win something! And if you're in the top 3 or bottom 5, you'll get a review anyway. :)

Besides which I'm trying to make the themes unique and different from the kinds of themes you've probably been trying to make so far. That along with the challenges should at least push you to try something you haven't before.



Finally it has begun !!!
Great work so far :)

5/17/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

YEP. It's started! Can't wait to hear your submission!