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Status update

4/12/13 by SkyeWintrest

I know that everyone loves a nice status update where they can see what the heck another person is doing. After all, isn't privacy a thing of the past?

...well, it seems that way to me.

Regardless, here's a status update! I submitted two pieces of music to the NATA contest. One depicts fear and is the normal expected ambient tritone stuff with creepy FX in it. The other one is my normal... something different. It's a piece depicting contentment which involves jazz scat voices, guitars, synths, and steel drums. Whooooooo.

If you haven't heard my pieces DMT or BoaAN, you should do so right now because they're awesome and so far really really popular.

I'm currently working on a piece of music which has the normal four-on-the-floor beat and is... unique. I like taking on challenges. ^_^


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Some things are still better off private though. Like, you probably wouldn't know when I'm about to take a shit? Will check those out, good luck with the NATA entry!

4/13/13 SkyeWintrest responds:

Whoah, hey there! Four reviews? You're awesome. :)

Thanks for the good luck, I think I'll be needing it.

Also, some people seem to think that those things are better off public... don't know why.